The Simpsons to set record for prime-time show

The Fox network has announced that it has ordered another two seasons of “The Simpsons” which will take the show into 22 seasons making it the longest running prime-time U.S. television show. Currently it is tied with “Gunsmoke” which ran for 20 years ending in 1975. Interestingly, Law & Order has been running since 1990 with 19 seasons. Should Fox and “The Simpson’s” creator Matt Groening stop doing the show, Law & Order could take the title as long as it can continue to “rip from the headlines.”

3 thoughts on “The Simpsons to set record for prime-time show

  1. Of course this doesn’t top the longest running animated TV show EVER in the world, which is “Mrs. Sazae” from Japan. The anime began in 1969 and it’s still airing to this day. It probably has 2000 episodes by now (and most of the eps are divided into three cartoons). I believe some of the original voice actors are still around working on the show.

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