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News Briefs for March 2, 2009

» The Denver Post is picking up some of The Rocky Mountain News’ staffers, features and comic strips. If you know which features are going to stay on in the Mile-High city, please post them in the comics.

» Comic Book Resources’ Brian Cronin is dedicating this month to profiling Pulitzer Prize winning cartoons. He notes that the years 1922-1967, the award was given for a single cartoon. He begins with Edmund Valtman, who won the prize in 1962.

» Last week, Garey Mckee posted news here on The Daily Cartoonist that Jim Davis was doing a weekly panel that “features the famed fat feline dispensing quick one liners in a single panel format.” Universal Press has issued a press release offering a few more details. The panel is currently free for current Garfield clients. It is also offered in English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and German.

» The Times Bulletin (Van Wert, OH)gives a bit of ink to their cartoonist (freelance, I’m assuming), Gerald Strawser who has been drawing for the paper for about 11 months now.

» Brian Duffy picks up another self-syndicated client The Ottumwa Courier.

» The Star Press (IN) interviews Tom Cherry who created a strip called Those Funky Idiots which began as a public access television show for seven years and then transformed into a weekly comic that has run in local magazines and newspapers.

Community Comments

#1 patty leidy
@ 3:53 pm

Post will be carrying ALL of the Rocky MTN NEWS strips
(so far)
of COURSE they are sized down AGAIN..Peanuts looks like it went thru the “Gumby Machine”

#2 Derek Johnson
@ 8:21 pm

From the sunday denver post:

Joining us from the Rocky are columnists
Mike Littwin, Tina Griego, Penny
Parker, Bill Johnson and Dave Krieger.
Vincent Carroll, the Rocky?s editorialpage
editor, joins our editorial board and
will write a column. We have no doubt
that these new Post columnists will make
sure their perspectives continue to be
In addition, The Post is pleased to add
from the Rocky veteran political reporter
Lynn Bartels, Pulitzer Prize finalist Kevin
Vaughan, computer-assisted reporting
whiz Burt Hubbard, business writer Gargi
Chakrabarty, who will cover Colorado?s
dynamic energy industry, and Pulitzer
Prize-winning photographer Judy DeHaas.
Drawing from the Rocky?s resources,
The Post also will find new ways to brighten
your day. We will incorporate all of the
Rocky?s comics andmany of its puzzles.

they seem to have dropped Garrison Keillor’s column.

#3 patty leidy
@ 12:51 pm

yes…but can they PLEASE fix the way PEANUTS is looking!!
it’s deadly annoying!

#4 patty leidy
@ 12:11 pm

It was with GREAT relief to see this morning in the paper..
PEANUTS has been restored to its proper
undistorted size. Yeah whoever did it!
sigh……… :)

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