Rob Rogers to cover the Super Bowl

The Pittsburg Post-Gazette is sending their cartoonist Rob Rogers to Tampa to cover the Super Bowl. He left early this morning. Be sure to watch his blog for the updates.

He tells me in an email, “I guess a newspapers isn’t completely dead if it covers the Steelers. The paper sent me to Tampa! Whoooo. After the latest buyouts, I am surprised there was anyone left to send. Who is minding the newsroom?”

Rob covered both political conventions this summer (see coverage here) and did a masterful job at covering the inside happenings as well as the more oddities that surround the conventions.

3 thoughts on “Rob Rogers to cover the Super Bowl

  1. There was a staffer for the Houston Post who got the assignment of riding a bicycle across Texas. He was pedaling along out there among the tumbling tumbleweeds where the deer and the antelope play when they shut down the Post.

    Of course, he did have the bike. Rob may have to walk home.

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