News Briefs for January 23, 2009

» Charles Brubaker has found a video of an old Hank Ketcham animation before Hank created Dennis the Menace.

» Former Springfield News-Sun cartoonist David Catrow will drawing caricatures of pets and their owners for a fund-raiser for his local Humane Society this Saturday.

» Speaking of dogs, Vincent Frank, a retired engineer, was profiled in The Island Packet (SC) for his series of cartoons on the topic of dogs.

» And the San Marcos Record profiles Bentley Boyd who has written history books illustrated with his cartoons of the events.

3 thoughts on “News Briefs for January 23, 2009

  1. old Hank Ketchum recording, should be interesting. I like looking at artists first works, like Ketchum and his early versions of Dennis (1st year or 2) and see how the character changed over time. It is the same for Peanuts, Beetle Bailey, Dick Tracy and Garfield. Of course they were all done by their creators and not paased on to the children or a hired cartoonist.

  2. A word of caution that the Ketcham animation I linked in my blog is not suitable for all audiences. It was made during World War II and features racially-insensitive Japanese stereotypes. It also features a main character bombing them because they made fun of war bonds…yeah, it’s one of THOSE cartoons.

  3. And since this is a comic strip blog, I guess I should mention another comic strip connection “Mr. Hook” has: the titular character was voiced by Arthur Lake, better known for playing Dagwood in the live-action “Blondie” films.

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