Cartoonists marks Bush’s last day with unique art


JP Trostle is marking the final day of George W. Bush’s presidency with a unique piece of art that is on “display” for today only. The art piece, entitled “Legacy” is a black and silver monoprint of Bush which will be installed on a construction dumpster outside the Venable Center in Durham. When Bush leaves office the next day, the print will be stripped off and tossed in with the rest of the debris.

2 thoughts on “Cartoonists marks Bush’s last day with unique art

  1. Curious. When the Supreme Court made the infamous 5-4 decision, in effect selecting the “decider”; I did a three panel editorial on the topic. The first panel was GWB, captioned, “THE VICTOR”…the second panel was an arm holding a very small trophy labeled “the presidency” and captioned, “THE PRIZE”…the third panel was empty and captioned, “THE MANDATE”.
    Pretty much sums up the lost eight years of mis-administration; which J.P.Trostle’s political art also expresses.

    Just as the legacy of Hoover lingered throughout the Depression, with thousands of “Hoovervilles” and “Hoovercart” races; so will this name translate in common vernacular to indicate failure and incompetence.

  2. it is more than Dick Cheney and Walker Bush being thrown out with the rest of the debris, I love J.P.Trostle statement and where it is located, but it is the End of the
    Reagan-Bush police state, the grass-roots are Back
    and have something to say, so learn to swim or sink like a stone, for the times they are a changing… practice kindness and love again………Woodrow of the Drifterhotel, tap dancing and Dynamiting Society

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