News Briefs for January 16, 2009

» Mike Cavna continues talking to editorial cartoonists and what they’ll miss about President George Bush.

» Speaking of missing “W”, Daryl Cagle also writes about what it means to cartoonists not to have George Bush in the Oval Office.

» Arizona Daily Star editorial cartoonist David Fitzsimmons will be featured at Clinton County Leadership Institute?s Leaders, Leprechauns and Gold Gala on March 17.

» Daily News Tribune has a write up about Fred Grandinetti, a big fan of Popeye.

» Matt Bors, who is NOT the Bad Cartoonist, has posted a Bad Cartoonist-esque post about “cartoon crutches” by creatively pointing out an oft used scene that Mike Luckovich uses involving a tall beehived-do woman and a shortish bald man sitting on the couch commenting about news they’re watching on a ginormous flat screen TV. See the “quilt” Matt put together of Mike’s favorite scene.

2 thoughts on “News Briefs for January 16, 2009

  1. Matt’s not mean enough, or p*ssy enough to be -or be defended from being, the BC. That said, his observations are simply that: the most published ed. cartoonist working today uses a repeating hook some 30 days out of 250. I have a bigger problem w/ TIME putting Obama on the cover 13 times out of 52.

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