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Coffee growers won’t sue Mike Peters

The Colombia’s coffee growers federation has opted to drop its $20 million lawsuit against Mother Goose and Grimm creator Mike Peters according to a report on

Citing sources within the federation, representatives of the association have met with Mike and have accepted his apology. They’ve also extended an invitation to Mike to travel to Columbia so he could see how coffee is grown.

Community Comments

#1 cameron tiede
@ 1:22 pm

sometime in the future…

Mike accepts, travels to columbia to learn about coffee and is never heard from again…

#2 Rick
@ 1:39 pm

Shortly after Mike’s disappearance, the phrase “see how coffee is grown” replaces the term “wacked” in the mob lexicon.

#3 John Cole
@ 1:46 pm

There’ll be a little Mike in every can of Folgers.

#4 Stacy Curtis
@ 1:59 pm

Mike always seemed to be a bit caffeinated to me.

@ 2:15 pm

I join with the others here in being more than a little suspicious. I would be especially wary of their fertilizing procedures.

Pssst: Mike….Send Grimmy instead.

#6 Rich Diesslin
@ 12:19 am

Nooooooooooo, Don’t go. It’s a cook book!

#7 Chris Flick
@ 11:33 am

I wonder, after Mike’s impending doom, would that INCREASE or DECREASE the cost of coffee???

PS: Good to learn about this news, Mike.


#8 Clay Jones
@ 1:21 pm

That’s like receiving an invitation from Dick Cheney to go hunting.

#9 Ben Gordon
@ 11:30 pm


Got some Mike in my Joe.

Seriously, thanks for the story, which finally caught up to me.

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