News Briefs for January 6, 2009

» Magazine cartoonist Mark Anderson has relaunched his site with new features.

» Jason Killingsworth writes in Paste Magazine the five reasons he still loves Calvin and Hobbes.

» Lynn Johnston creates five cartoon thank you cards for med students to give to their patience whom they practice on.

» Tom Richmond writes how to work for MAD magazine.

» Comics Riff blogger Mike Cavna interviews Brewster Rockit’s Tim Rickard.

» South African cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro (Zapiro) may have ruffled feathers with the African National Congress lately, but he’s very much appreciated by Nelson Mandela.

» Paul Fell is launching The Daily Felltoon – a subscription service for his local Nebraska editorial cartoons. Subscribers will receive a daily email alert with a link to his latest cartoon.

» With the gloom and doom of the newspaper industry, professional webcomicker Howard Taylor did a presentation this last fall on how to turn a webcomic into a full-time gig. I think it’s worth your time. (H/T: Comixtalk)

6 thoughts on “News Briefs for January 6, 2009

  1. Sorry, Alan. I sent that note right after reading the News Briefs (which were in my e-mailbox, so I hadn’t gone through your home page).

  2. Well, THAT explains the rash of email I’ve gotten recently. I was wondering who blogged the video. Thanks, Alan!

    (I need to read the news briefs more carefully!)

    As a side note, the video is cleverly shot to make the presentation look incredibly dull. Every time I interacted with the audience for a show of hands the camera stayed right on me. Every reaction shot they went for was some bored programmer noodling around on his laptop in the back.

    I swear, it was MUCH more engaging in person.

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