NCS division awards entries due January 30

Mike Lynch has posted the deadlines and requirements for submitting your entry for the National Cartoonist Society’s division awards. The deadline is January 30 and you do not have to be a member of the NCS to be considered, though the work should have been published between December 1 of 2007 and December 31 of 2008. Winners will be announced during the annual Reuben Awards weekend on May 23rd.

The categories are:

  • Television Animation
  • Feature Animation
  • Newspaper Illustration
  • Gag Cartoons
  • Greeting Cards
  • Newspaper Comic Strips
  • Newspaper Panel Cartoons
  • Magazine Feature/Magazine Illustration
  • Book Illustration
  • Editorial Cartoons
  • Advertising Illustration
  • Comic Books

Check Mike’s sites for details on where to submit your entries.

12 thoughts on “NCS division awards entries due January 30

  1. Why aren’t webcomics recognized by the NCS in their awards? There are a good handful of webcartoonists who meet one of the primary NCS membership requirements of making at least 50% or more of their living from their webcomics work (myself included). Not being belligerent by any means, I have the utmost respect for the NCS and all the great cartoonists and illustrators in it, just curious why…

  2. I echo David Reddick’s view above. I understan what Corey Panolph says that the Webcomics are a virtual medium but the first two awards in that list are for animation. What is the difference between cartoon characters on a tv screen and those on a computer screen?
    Also as many of the top syndicates just have “web-only” comic strips on their websites it would be nice for the syndicate executives/editors to push for a webcomics only award catergory for these cartoonists work.

  3. Dave and Frank,

    I was making a joke.

    There should be a webcomic catergory, of course.

    Never take a guy with the self-proclaimed name of “Fake Rockstar” serious

  4. I’d also like to add Flash Animators for the web. There are some killer Flash animators out there doing web-only work, John K’s company among them (creator of Ren and Stimpy), such as his work on Tenacious D’s video, even our own work here for, etc. Additionally, the syndicates are recognizing now the power and need of the web for marketing and publishing, i.e., the newly revamped, their newly marketed iPhone app, GoComics and many of the web-exclusive strips they market. I think the syndicates would be behind such an idea as well, as they produce some very fine work for the web, as do many cartoonists on their own studio websites in the way of animation, etc. I mean, I’d LOVE to see Pibgorn get it’s due, for example! 😉

  5. “I was making a joke.”

    Corey, I had no idea that was a joke because you didn’t follow it with a winky face icon.

    For the sake of clarity (and good cheer), please use emoticons in your posts. Thanks.

    (Yes, that was a joke too.)

  6. that’s cool Corey. Actually you and David are two of the ones I would love to see nominated for a webcomics category award. hope so!
    Changing the subject has anybody noticed in the rules of these awards……
    “the work should have been published between December 1 of 2007 and December 31 of 2008.”

    Technically this would mean you could actually submit the actual same cartoon, let’s say published on December 31 of 2008 AND re-submit it again next year as next year’s will be between December 1 of 2008 and December 31 2009. You could win the same award twice in a row for the same cartoon!

  7. Ask the dudes over HalfPixel. They seem to have everything else in the world of webcomics figured out.

    In the meantime, I think I’ll start my own club: NSPCS…

    National Square Peg Cartoonist Society

    “Don’t feel like you fit in anywhere? Worried that you chose the wrong career, but drawing cartoons is the only thing you can do better than snoring and spitting? Why not join the NSPCS!

    Meetings occur once a week at a bar of your choosing. No need for other members, just a sit at the end of your favorite watering hole and wonder how you got into this mess!”

    – I’ll be accepting dues in the form of bacon-wrapped barely and malt products. We also accept stacks of black and white cookies as currency (Preferably from any NYC bodega worth its salt).

  8. No, no, no…

    That doesn’t capture the whole passive-aggressive-abandonment thing that has worked so well for so long.


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