Thomas “TAB” Boldt laid off from Sun Media

The journalism melt down that has reduced the number of staff editorial cartoonists by 18% this year isn’t just an American phenomenon. The Association of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists announced that Thomas “TAB” Boldt, cartoonist for Sun Media, has been laid off. He’s been with Sun Media (who owns dailies across Canada) since 2001.

Sue Dewar, Tim Dolighan, and Andy Donato were unaffected by the 10% workforce reduction across the chain.

15 thoughts on “Thomas “TAB” Boldt laid off from Sun Media

  1. Wow. I was just speaking with Cam Cardow the other day about how the Canadian newspaper market doesn’t seem to have suffered quite as much as it’s American counterpart, and he said, “just wait.”

    Sorry TAB, I think you’re stuff is brilliant!

  2. Wow – crazy! Sack anyone BUT your top cartoonist. Surely he’ll be snapped up by another top newspaper. I’ll be checking back at frequent intervals to see where the brilliant TAB toons appear next.

  3. This is probably the most free advertising that site has ever received…

    Phil, we would all have probably been better off (and more innocent) if you’d never mentioned it.

  4. Kelly,
    Thanks for your kind comments, really appreciate that.
    I hear that your website is quite interesting, most likely way more interesting and informative than most daily newspapers. Keep up the good work.

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