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Rob Tornoe, who was hired last April as a full time editorial cartoonist for the multi-state political site, was laid off this morning along with several other employees. Rob tells me that he has slowly been building up a client list and hopes to continue doing cartoons as a freelancer.

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  1. What? Seems like I was seeing Rob’s name all over the place this past year.
    It won’t take long for politicker to figure out they’ll be missing out big time. Rob does great work.

  2. Jeez… Rob, I’m so sorry to see you join this club. You were doing great work, and giving us some real hope that online editorial cartooning might be a viable path to salvage this profession. This is depressing.
    Good luck and best wishes… all I can offer from my own experience is that perseverance, and being flexible and adaptable, count for a lot.

  3. Different category than the papers.

    Not that I’m not sympathetic, but the Maine politicker page was a dubious stopoff before the elections and has little appeal now. They weren’t aggregating anything you didn’t come across anyway and — with the very notable exception of Rob’s cartoons — their own material was extremely weak, like cellphone videos of speeches at area conventions, shot from the back of the room.

    This may have been different in other locales, but I was directed to the site by a Congressional aide who said, “You want to see something really lame?”

    Not exactly the way to go viral.

    Rob would have done better to put up his own site and let them link to him. And perhaps that’s what he should do now. I’m beginning to join the camp that says you shouldn’t rely on someone else to surround your work with quality content. Certainly, in my freelance days which well-preceded the Internet, I was known to take jobs from places I didn’t think could succeed on the theory that the checks would clear until the day they didn’t. This would be one of those jobs.

  4. Thanks for all the kind words. Luckily, I made a ton of contacts working on a national project like this, plus I kept a lot of my previous contacts, and I’ll probably be freelancing for the remaining Politicker sites, so I’m really fortunate for that.

    In a weird way, it’ll be nice not to have to draw 800,000 cartoons a week!

    And I’ll still be blogging for the time being at my personal blog, so update your bookmarks. I actually might have some suitors for my cartoon blog, so I’ll keep you updated.

    If anyone wants to reach me, drop me a line at

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