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News Briefs for December 11, 2009

» One of Richard Thompson’s illustrations of President Elect Barack Obama can now be had on shirts, mugs, etc. It’s a great piece of artwork and looks great on merchandise.

» The Citizen Hotel has opened in Sacramento and upon its walls hangs various editorial cartoons, including some from Sacramento Bee cartoonist Rex Babin.

» For the cost of two cans of non-perishable food, you can visit with Rubes cartoonist Leigh Rubin in Red Bluff, CA. The local paper is sponsoring the meet and greet event to raise food for the local food bank. Event happens next Tuesday.

» Mike Luckovich will be the keynote speaker at next spring’s Media Financial Management Association (MFM), and the Interactive & Newsmedia Financial Executives conference.

Community Comments

#1 Stacy Curtis
@ 3:50 pm

Richard Thompson’s work looks great everywhere!

#2 Jason Nocera
@ 11:48 am

Wow – someone’s got pull! An ad for merchandise posted as a news item!

#3 Ted Dawson
@ 12:43 pm

Is that the drawing Richard did for The New Yorker? It’s terrific.

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