Mort Walker talks about International Museum of Cartoon Art

Mort and Greg Walker talk about the history of the International Museum of Cartoon Art, the inception, growth, and many triumphs and struggles over the years in an interview with Comicologytv. Earlier this year, Mort announced that he was donating the cartoon collection to the Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library.

7 thoughts on “Mort Walker talks about International Museum of Cartoon Art

  1. What a bummer Mort couldn’t get his Cartoon museum up and going. The American Public does not appreciate the fine work done by cartoonists. They take us for granted. For shame, for shame.

  2. You have to admire Mort’s dedication and tenacity. He’s a hero of our industry.

    Using the word “international” in a name is not a good idea. For instance, who would want to watch “International Football”?

  3. And maybe the next Reubens could be on Tatooine…come to think of it, the bar scene in STAR WARS kind of reminds me a bit of karoke night in Kansas City.

  4. hi mort:

    great, great interview. can i help find you a space in manhattan for the museum? i don’t know if i can, but i do have some contacts.

    leo cirino
    203-644-5203 (c)

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