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Life mag photos online include famous cartoonists

Google announced this week that it is hosting the photo repository for Life Magazine. The index is completely searchable by name and many are finding photos of famous cartoonists. The Aaugh Blog found four photos of Charles M. Schulz with family, friends; Three Men in a Tub found a photo of Johnny Hart. I found some interesting pictures of a young (he looked almost like a teenager) Bill Mauldin the day he returned home from the war.

Here’s Friday’s diversion assignment. Search Google’s Life Magazine repository for one of your heroes or interesting historical cartoonist and post the link in the comments.

Life Magazine's Bill Mauldin
Army Sgt. Bill Mauldin, 23, a pulitzer prize-winning war cartoonist, happily holding his 22-month old son Bruce Patrick on his 1st day home from the war.

Community Comments

#1 casey shaw
@ 10:39 am

I know there were a couple of people who used to show up in Life stories quite frequently.
There are three pages of Google images of Al Capp:

A few of Milton Caniff (including a cover of Time!):

And here are a couple of my hero, Walt Kelly:

#2 CM Evans
@ 12:51 pm

There’s some great pics of Thurber in there, at work, some I’ve never seen before. Thanks for the news.

#3 Robert Gidley
@ 2:10 pm

Charles Addams, who always looks more normal than I expect him to…

#4 Beth Cravens
@ 2:37 pm

Herb L. Block
and I thought my desk was messy

#5 John Cole
@ 3:17 pm

This one is priceless.

He’s one of the three men who lived during the 20th Century that I wished I’d met.

#6 Stacy Curtis
@ 4:51 pm

How about this one?

From 1949 … Cartoonist Chester Gould sitting on wall beside cemetery where he “buried” vanquished villians from his “Dick Tracy” comic strip

#7 Mike Rhode
@ 5:55 pm

All of the 1950s images on their main page are of Walt Disney and the Disney studio –

#8 Rick Stromoski
@ 11:10 am

My all time favorite Life photo…I went steady with this cover for 6 months when I was 10.

#9 Jeff Darcy
@ 3:46 pm

Is she the cartoonist for playboy? or maybe playgirl?

#10 Del Hastings
@ 1:03 pm

More like the centerfold.

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