Life mag photos online include famous cartoonists

Google announced this week that it is hosting the photo repository for Life Magazine. The index is completely searchable by name and many are finding photos of famous cartoonists. The Aaugh Blog found four photos of Charles M. Schulz with family, friends; Three Men in a Tub found a photo of Johnny Hart. I found some interesting pictures of a young (he looked almost like a teenager) Bill Mauldin the day he returned home from the war.

Here’s Friday’s diversion assignment. Search Google’s Life Magazine repository for one of your heroes or interesting historical cartoonist and post the link in the comments.

Life Magazine's Bill Mauldin
Army Sgt. Bill Mauldin, 23, a pulitzer prize-winning war cartoonist, happily holding his 22-month old son Bruce Patrick on his 1st day home from the war.

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