Garfield holiday countdown offered to newspapers

Universal Press Syndicate is offering newspapers that subscribe to Jim Davis’ Garfield a Garfield Christmas Countdown at no additional cost. The special series begins this Saturday (Nov. 23) and includes one panel a day that runs through Dec. 25th. The series is available in black and white as well as color.

3 thoughts on “Garfield holiday countdown offered to newspapers

  1. Giving away comics? Ye gods! ;^)

    This is the kind of extra, interactive stuff I like to see. Just doing one’s comic every day isn’t enough and really, it never was. Somehow comics have gotten away from the extra ways they used to be involved in newspapers and with readers.

  2. Jim is a genius when it comes to merchandising… but is one of the worst artist in the comic strip world: doesn´t write, doesn´t draw, just manages the strip and of course cha-ching!

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