Webcomic Weekly News Round up moved to Twitter

A few weeks ago I announced a weekly news round up of webcomic news. For those who follow the webcomic scene, you’ve noticed the weekly feature has languished. The big issue for me is that by waiting for each Wednesday to publish the round-up, some of the items are stale and finding time to gather, read, understand and write the brief took more time than I anticipated.

So, here’s what changes going forward. Since most of those into the webcomic crowd already use Twitter and it’s a much faster means of publishing (I only have to write a headline and not a story) I will begin today “tweeting” the webcomic news through my Twitter account (@dailycartonist) instead of the weekly write-up. Followers of my “tweets” will get this blog’s headlines, as well as my backchannel chatter about the news tips I receive or rants I won’t put on the blog and now a stream of webcomic headlines. Since each tweet will be prefaced with the #tdcw hash tag, you can also use the #tdcw hash tag to filter out everything except the webcomic items if you wish.

If you didn’t understand a word of that last paragraph, bless you and don’t worry about it. If you did, I hope you’ll enjoy a steadier stream of webcomic news.

6 thoughts on “Webcomic Weekly News Round up moved to Twitter

  1. I still vote for having the “stale” roundup on TDC … it’s not like freshness matters all that much. I don’t really want to add yet another online tool to my arsenal, I already spend too much time on this stuff. It seems it’s a series of headlines with links anyway, so I’m not sure why it saves you time not to post it here. My 2¢.

  2. I agree with Rich. This is a primary site for news & info about comics — why move some of it to a secondary site and make it more difficult and time-consuming for us?

  3. I agree with Rich and Frank. I’d still prefer the stale news, as by the time I see it here, it is often new to me. I like the gathering of the news in one source here, and think the Webcomics news should get it’s due in a nice stale block of chunky goodness! 😉

  4. I really enjoyed reading the webcomics weekly news round up Alan. Would you consider putting some of the most newsworthy topics of that subject on TDC then? Please?I, like the above gents don’t have Twitter and enjoyed reading it on here. Also from your point of view isn’t it benificial to bring more visitors to your site here , TDC. The potential audience interested ( amateur/semi-pro/pro is huge. I understand about 10,000 webcomics out there?

  5. p.s. as a side note, me writing this a week after the posted topic shows a lot of us enjoy the stale news.:)

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