More Opus replacements announced

Most of the comic changes listed below have been reported before, but here we go:

» The Kennebec Journal picked up Non Sequitur to replace Opus on Sundays. They’ve included an interview with creator Wiley Miller in the announcement.

» Candorville and Secret Asian Man are in trial mode at the Sacramento Bee.

» The Lawrence Journal-World replaced both Opus and For Better or For Worse with Prickly City and Home and Away.

» The Opus retirement is good news for many features since many papers ran it as a half page. When it retired, not one but two features picked up the spot. The Santa Rosa Press Democrat picked up Sherman’s Lagoon and Get Fuzzy. Also benefiting include Tundra and Rubes who took the slot in the Register-Guard (Eugene, OR). Over in the Duluth News Tribune they added Red and Rover and Daddy’s Home.

» The Courier Journal replaced Opus with Lio. Included is an interview with creator Mark Tatulli.

» The L.A. Times reports that it has picked up Luann as a possible replacement for For Better of For Worse.

» E&P has compiled another list as well.

5 thoughts on “More Opus replacements announced

  1. The Orlando Sentinel conducted an online vote on the Opus replacement and “Animal Crackers” beat out “Raising Hector” and “Housebroken”.

    As a St. Petersburg Times subscriber, I do report that although “Mutts” is the official replacement for “Opus”, it obviously does not fill the half-page void. The Times added the beginning “throwaway” panels to “Dennis The Menace” to fill that space.

  2. My local paper (Syracuse Post-Standard) didn’t replace Opus with any comic. They replaced it with a large half-page version of a puzzle called KenKen “The Logic Puzzle That Makes You Smarter” from UFS.

  3. I also see that the Tampa Tribune expanded “Doonesbury” to fill space vacated by “Opus”.

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