New Snoopy video game due out in 2010

Snoopy ace Video Game

Smart Bomb Interactive has announced that they are releasing a new video game entitled Snoopy Flying Ace the first months of 2010. The video game is described as having, “action, adventure, romance, cow-tipping, and other exercises in heroism too numerous to name.”

You can see a video preview of the game at their website.

4 thoughts on “New Snoopy video game due out in 2010

  1. What? No soundtrack by the Royal Gaurdsmen?

    I will contemplate wether or not I think this new wave of exploitation and bastardization of his strip’s characters is ethical and correct while I make sno-cones with my Snoopy Sno-Cone machine.

  2. This is actually the second Snoopy video game title from Smart Bomb. They released “Snoopy vs. The Red Baron” a few years ago for the PC. That one was pretty entertaining, no doubt with thanks to the nostalgia factor; however, the gameplay did get a little repetative (just flying and shooting).

    From the looks of this new trailer, players can walk around as Snoopy in limited 3D environments (ala Super Mario) … Might be another fun rainy day time killer if this comes out on the Wii 🙂

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