Several new exhibits are opening around the nation

Maintaining cartoonist Nick Creekmore will have some of his cartoons included an art exhibit exploring subjects of the male identity. The Exhibit opens in Nashville, TN at the Hiram Van Gordon Memorial Gallery with an opening reception on October 30. Exhibit runs through November 26.

North Central College’s new Schoenherr Art Gallery will feature an exhibit entitled “The Art of Dick Locher: Dick Tracy, Political Cartoons and Beyond” beginning on Monday and running through Dec. 4. As the title bears, the exhibit features Chicago Tribune editorial cartoonist Dick Locher and his work on the Dick Tracy comic strip.

Western Illinois University will host three simultaneous exhibits on the topic of political cartooning. The exhibits include: “Politics and the People” featuring the work of Thomas Jackson, “The Clinton Years” featuring political cartoons by Jim Allen and “Political Cartoons Past and Present,” featuring more work from Jim Allen and other cartoon originals from John Fischetti, Frank Miller, Tom Englehardt, Guernsey LePelley, Bill Sanders, Bob Zschieshe, Mike Peters, and Ed Stein. Exhibit opened Oct. 28 and runs through Nov. 20. A discussion panel that includes Jeff Koterba, R.J. Matson, Glenn McCoy, and Gary McCoy will be held Nov. 12.

You can catch Bill Griffith, creator of Zippy the Pinhead on November 8th at the Fantagraphic bookstore (Seattle, WA) for the opening of an exhibit of his original work. The exhibit runs through December 10.

Over in Chicago you can see an exhibit of Chester Commodore, who served as political cartoonist for the Chicago Defender, Pittsburgh Courier, the Tri-State Defender and other periodicals from 1948-2004. The exhibit is on display at the Vivian G. Harsh Collection of Afro-American History and Literature at the Woodson Regional Library and runs through Dec. 31.