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GoComics adds Love Is…, Bliss, and Free Range

GoComics has announced that they have added Kim Casali and Bill Asprey’s classic Love Is, Harry Bliss’ Bliss comic panel and Bill Whitehead’s Free Range to their line-up of online offerings. Love Is… and Bliss are TMS features and Free Range is syndicated through Creators.

Community Comments

#1 Alan Jones
@ 7:28 am

I haven’t really seen Mr. Bliss’s work, and I am familiar with the Love Is, of course, but I really love Bill Whiteheads Free Range! Glad to see it on GoComics.

#2 Mike Witmer
@ 7:32 am

Love Is??? Wow…I mean, wow.

#3 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 11:31 am

Congrats, folks!

#4 Mike Witmer
@ 12:38 pm

I meant wow in the sense that I couldn’t believe there was no NEW comics that could’ve gone up there. lol

#5 D.D.Degg
@ 6:58 pm

That leaves Peter Ramirez’ Raising Hector as the only Tribune Media strip not showing on the gocomics page.
As for Creators strips, neither gocomics or display Archie, Cafe con Leche, Chuckle Bros, the fairly new Scary Gary, or the brand new The Barn.
Creators weekly Thin Lines panel and the reprint Rugrats are also not available at those sites; nor is the current One Big Happy. All the Creators strips are available at
That leaves Peter Ramirez’ Raising Hector as the only strip not available online.

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