Jim Lange retires from Oklahoman after 58 years

The Oklahoman editorial cartoonist Jim Lange is retiring “early” after 58 years with the paper. His last cartoon runs this Sunday. Yesterday, members of the newspaper staff paid tribute to his career that produced over 17,000 cartoons and illustrations. His retirement wasn’t voluntary. His departure was part of 150 other employees that took buyouts, retired early or were laid off. His wife reportedly said, “He liked what he did, and didn’t really want to retire.” Jim is 82 years old.

Jim plans to donate all of his original artwork to the history museum in Oklahoma City.

Thanks to JP Trostle for the information.

5 thoughts on “Jim Lange retires from Oklahoman after 58 years

  1. Sad times for newspapers as cartoonist leave the stage. It’s anyone’s guess as to where this path leads to for political dialogue in local newspapers.

    Editorial cartoons in print were a major factor in America’s formation & history. With newspapers letting go of this unique aspect of their influence in political discussion, it symptomatic of the decline of newspapers in society as a whole.

    Democracy needs newspapers. The question is, do the accountants, who have seized control of newspaper content, care? Can the editors step up & make a case for continuing to particpate in political discourse? Sad indeed.

  2. As I’ve said before, newspapers aren’t run by newspaper men any more. The “businessmen” who are in control at present are simply squeezing every drop of blood out of the corpses. When they have extracted every last ounce from newspapers, they will sell what’s left and move on to eviscerate another business.

  3. Paul, I think you’re being too hard on the “businessmen” that are in charge. They’re just doing what they have to do in order for newspapers to keep their infintesimal 30% profit margins as revenues decline.

    Show a little sympathy, please šŸ™‚

  4. I stopped subscribing to the Daily Oklahoman when they dropped the classics,bottom right section of the page,Apt.G,Mary Worth,Rex Morgan,Judge Parker and all the other stupid changes they made. Their paper isn’t worth even walking out to pick it up and the only thing that keeps the Sunday paper from being worthless is the sale papers,which you can receive in your email.I think if anyone started a good paper, the Oklahoman would be gone. They have ruined it and seem not to care if they put it out of business.

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