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Argyle Sweater now into greeting cards

Scott Hilburn’s The Argyle Sweater now has a new line of greeting cards through Recycled Paper Greetings. The cards are mostly birthday cards and will be sold nation-wide. In related news, Borders has extended their deal with Andrews McMeel to expand the calendar rights into 2010. The 2009 calendar is one of Borders top calendar properties for 2009 and will be prominently merchandized in all retail stores.

And finally, Universal Press has announced that Scott’s comic has hit the 200 client-list mark, an exceptional number for a comic that debuted less than a year ago.

Community Comments

#1 Mike Witmer
@ 7:27 am

*sigh* I knew him when….

That’s some great news, Scott. Amazing stuff, seriously.

#2 Rick Ellis
@ 8:23 am

Double sigh. I also knew him when…

Good job!

#3 Larry Levine
@ 8:36 am

Great news–congrats, Scott.

Another Comics Sherpa success story!!!

#4 Norm Feuti
@ 8:48 am

Just amazing how far this strip has gone in such a short time.

Congrats on the success, Scott!

#5 Steve Sicula
@ 8:57 am

Well done, Scott. And congrats on the DMN pickup. Does this mean you are buying lunch?
If so, might I suggest a venue change to Del Frisco’s?

#6 Worth Gowell
@ 10:33 am

Congrats, Scott!

I was excited when Argyle Sweater debuted in the comic section of the revamped Chicago Tribune last week. (Unfortunately, I’m less excited about the look of the revamped Trib and its cartoon shrinkage.)

#7 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 11:32 am

Dang Scott, you’re a machine! Congrats!!

#8 Rich Diesslin
@ 2:10 pm


#9 J Mahood
@ 8:27 pm

Congrats Scott!

#10 Scott Hilburn
@ 11:13 am

Thanks everyone! I appreciate it.

#11 Christine (Chris) Michalek
@ 8:22 am

Hi Scott … We the Michaleks are former Frisco residents now (down-sized) living in Richardson. Your cartoon today re: clowns and senate “jobs” motivated me to write. We all are big FAR SIDE aficiandos and now ARGYLE SWEATER aficianados! (WE GET IT!) Anyway, our family mom (me), dad and our 30 something “adult” kids are having an election night watch party. Y’all come!

#12 Joe Michalek
@ 7:40 am

So, you have greeting cards, what about 2009 calendar? And, if “yes” where do we get it?

#13 Family Michalek
@ 9:52 am

this week’s cartoons … HO HO HO … We love them and “get them!”

earlier re: the pontiff – for us Catholics

yesterday re: amarillos – for us SW folks

today re: bald tires – for car aficianados, our lives in The Colony son, Joe

Happy Holidays Scott and Family!

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