Peter Dunlap-Shohl leaving Anchorage Daily News

Peter Dunlap-Shohl, the editorial cartoonist with The Anchorage Daily New for the last 25 years, has been told his position is being eliminated and he’s accepted a buyout offer. This will be his last week with the paper. After this week, he plans on building a web site and doing freelance cartoons for the paper – something that is still be worked out. He also has a backlog of projects he’ll now be able to attend to. He told me that right now is a awful time to let go with the “nuclear fueled” rise of Alaska Governor Sarah Pallin’s nomination to the McCain presidential ticket. Peter is the last staff cartoonist in Alaska.

He has drawn a cartoon about the challenge of having one’s position severed. You can see that on his blog.

The Anchorage Daily News is part of the McClatchy chain that let go of Richard Crowson last week in Kansas. The McClatchy chain is trying to reduce their workforce a full 10%.

Correction: As clarified by Peter in the comment section, Peter’s position was not “eliminated” but the editorial staff had to be reduced. Peter volunteered to be the sacrificial staffer.

11 thoughts on “Peter Dunlap-Shohl leaving Anchorage Daily News

  1. This goes beyond myopic. Bravo McClatchy — get rid of the only editorial cartoonist in Alaska during the last month of an explosive presidential race that includes the Governor of Alaska.

    The McClatchy Company: Too stupid to breathe.

  2. Thank you for the “Obit” posted about me today. I would like to clarify that the Anchorage Daily news did not eliminate my position and then buy me out. Our three person olpinion staff (not counting editorial page editor Matthew Zencey) was told that one of our positions would be eliminated. On considering a number of factors both personal and journalistic, I volunteered to be the body.



  3. I hope it works out okay in the end for you, Peter, because your work not only ROCKS but Alaska (not to mention the rest of this somnambulant nation) REQUIRES a cartoonist of your caliber! Best of luck in your new ventures!

  4. With ALL due respect to my friend and colleague Peter, it really doesn’t matter if it was your or Borgman’s decision to step down.

    The bottom line is that your newspaper(s) no longer employ a daily local graphic commentator.

  5. Russell, bless you, and thanks. If everyone were as smart and reflective as you are, we’d ALL be out of work, for lack of stupidity to satirize.

    Milt, Hey my bro (and honorary Alaskan) I beg to differ. The bottom line is I’M OUT OF A -UCKING JOB! To paraphrase what Willie said to Joe: ‘The Hell this ain’t the most important fox hole in the war, It’s the one I’m in.’ :~)

    Lucas, You guys go on…(COUGH,Wheeze) I’ll try to hold ’em off here for awhile…(spits out a tooth.) Now GO dammit, GO!


  6. Pete–

    Good luck in your future endeavors. With only a half-dozen or fewer editorial cartoonists in Alaska, your work will undoubtedly be missed by many.

    Roger Maynard

  7. Thanks, Peter, for providing us all these years with some of the best editorial cartoons of any in the nation. Many of us have shared your stuff with friends and family in the Lower 48….so we’ve got to break the sad news to them.

    And thanks for the wonderful farewell map…..I’m printing it and framing it.

    Good luck with your next venture. Keep our e-mails in your address book so you can let us know where we can find you.

    Best, Connie Godwin (the old patient of your dad’s)

  8. Thanks Roger and Connie. Connie I remember you telling me stories of my Dad treating some movie star. Not to mention our ongoing correspondence when you were with Sen. Stevens. It’s great to hear from you. They don’t show your email, but you can contact me at

    I hope you’re well,


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