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Free Inquiry mag picks Bors as their cartoonist

Syndicated cartoonist Matt Bors has been selected by Free Inquiry magazine to be their regular cartoonist replacing Don Addis who has drawn for the magazine for decades.

“He appears to have the right stuff and then some,” says Christopher Hitchens, a columnist for Free Inquiry. “If you already know, then you will know what I mean. If you don’t, then hasten to find out.”

He has also illustrated their October/November cover.

Community Comments

#1 Monty Rohde
@ 6:51 am

Congrats Matt. You earned it.

#2 Ted Rall
@ 7:31 am

Wow, Matt–praise from the Hitch. Awesome!

#3 Mike Lester
@ 8:59 am

Kudos. Now don’t screw it up.

#4 Kelly Ferguson
@ 5:52 pm

Congratulations, Matt! Nice cover, as well.

#5 Matt Bors
@ 3:00 pm

Words to live by, Mike.

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