News Briefs for September 26, 2008

» E&P reports that Bill Rechin to continue ‘Crock’ comic after Don Wilder’s death.

» Gary Varvel will speak at his local library on the Art of Political Cartooning on Oct. 12.

» Rubes creator Leigh Rubin will be in Eugene OR on Oct 15-16. He’s speaking at the University of Oregon on the 16th.

» Dan Piraro will be in Raleigh NC on October 3 to speak at the International Compassionate Living Festival.

» Pat Oliphant hopes that John McCain would “Disappear.”

» Universal Press has partnered with Impact Mobile to provide “push” publishing to newspapers.

» Charles Brubaker has found examples of Pat McDonnell’s monthly comic Bad Baby that ran in Parents magazine for 10 years.

» Disney will be adapting Jules Feiffer’s 1995 The Man in the Ceiling book into a musical. The book is about “a boy cartoonist who dreams of becoming a successful artist.”

» Mad Magazine cartoonist Tom Richmond has posted an in-depth review of the recent Disney Hometown Toonfest 2008

» North Star Writers Group has picked up Brett Noel as its first editorial cartoonist for syndication.

» Cartoonist Bob Kain, who has worked from the Toronto Star and Toronto Sun and owner of a Toronto animation studio for 30 years will teach a “Cartooning Basics” workshop.

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