FitzRoy Media inks deal to animate Heathcliff cat

FitzRoy Media has signed Peter Gallagher, the current writer/artist and nephew of Healthcliff creator George Gately, to a development deal to allow FitzRoy create feature films, direct-to-DVD movies and other licensing opportunities with the orange and black cat character.

2 thoughts on “FitzRoy Media inks deal to animate Heathcliff cat

  1. I liked the Heathcliff series that DIC produced in the 80’s. Actually, not really strong enough to carry the series himself, I liked the other characters introduced in the cartoon. Hector, Wordsworth and Mongo. I could take or leave Riff Raff.

  2. Of all the franchises to license why this one? Heathcliff is a childern’s cartoon that only elderly adults read.

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