I’ll be on Mr. Media tomorrow to talk about FBOFW

Bob Andelman, AKA Mr. Media, will be talking about the latest changes with Lynn Johnston’s For Better or For Worse tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 EST on BlogTalkRadio. To help clarify the latest chapter in Lynn’s feature, I’ll be the special guest. You can call in by calling (646) 595-3135 and during the show you can go to the link above and click on the “webchat” button to ask questions or make comments of your own.

I’ll also post a link to the podcast after the show so you can listen later if you miss it the first go around.

2 thoughts on “I’ll be on Mr. Media tomorrow to talk about FBOFW

  1. Sounds interesting. Have fun, I’ll try to listen in. I’ve enjoyed all the Mr. Media interviews I’ve listened to so far. That last one with Jerry Scott, Rick Kirkman and Jim Borgman was good.

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