Cartoonists covering the DNC part 3

Local coverage:

» Rob Rogers Bill Clinton and Joseph Biden speeches: “He just bites his lower lip, squints his eyes and says with a slight southern drawl, “John McCain: bad … Barak Obama: good.” Joe Biden, although not quite as hypnotic, followed with even stronger words. He said, “John McCain: really bad … Barak Obama: really good.”

» Rob Rogers: Convention swag and the pro-choice whoopie cushion.

» Rob Rogers on “Hanna Montana in an orange pantsuit.

» Drew Litton on Democratic Party Games.

» Ed Stein posts part 11 of his “Long Time Passing” series. This one on “The Speech”.

Remote coverage:

» Marshall Ramsey live blogs Clinton’s speech. “Campaign generated so much heat that it increased global warming. Nice line — but that was Al Gore’s light bill. Now he is mentioning Hillary’s speech. Flash to Hillary — blue pant suit and all. “

» Gary Varvel had to swap out Springsteen and Bon Jovi from his cartoon at the last minute as news broke that Springsteen was out and Bon Jovi was in “negotiations.”

» Dan Wasserman on the closing of the Clinton drama.

» Rob Tornoe says good bye to the Clintons.

UPDATE #1: Mike Keefe from The Denver Post, Ed Stein from the Rocky Mountain News, and Kenny Be from Westword all spoke and presented their cartoons at the Meininger Art Supply on Saturday, August 23. Full write-up on

UPDATE #2: Security is tight. Rob Rogers has blogged about the various types of passes. KAL attempts to gain access to lower floor to draw party brokers only to run up against one.

3 thoughts on “Cartoonists covering the DNC part 3

  1. It’s always bugged me that on ABC’s Sunday Political Yap show they have segment called “The Sunday Funnies” in which they play clips from Leno or Letterman instead of showing cartoons, since the segment pulls it’s name from them. { And animations would seem an even more perfect fit}-So it was great to see ABC’s evening newscast end the other night with a great feature on Mike Keefe and his convention cartoons. Great Job,Mike! You read off your script better than Pelosi read off the teleprompter!

  2. Jen Sorensen (Slowpoke) of the alt-weekly world is blogging the DNC for C-VILLE Weekly in Charlottesville, VA. ( Look for the “LIVE from the DNC” blog.

    “The nonstop activity here is finally catching up with me, and I can feel entire lobes of my brain shutting down. If I start using monosyllabic words only or speaking in tongues, you’ll know why…..”

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