Cartoonists covering the DNC Part 2

Rob Rogers explains the caste system that is convention credentials and access to the great hall.

Dan Perkins/Tom Tomorrow writes about Hillary’s speech: “But tonight, Hillary sang the song the audience needed to hear, and did it like a pro.”

Remote coverage comes from David Horsey who explains why Michelle Obama is all-American, but not necessarily a muslim.

Marshall Ramsey live blogged last night’s speech by Hillary. Money quote from Marshall: “Hillary telling touching stories doesn’t work. Hillary does better being tough.”

Daryl Cagle has a round up of all convention related cartoons.

Rob Tornoe, also doing remote coverage has posted his take on day two:

Michael Ramirez is reportedly on the ground in Denver. I can’t find any special web site for his coverage, but his usual site for his cartoons include convention material.

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