News Briefs for August 19, 2008

» Editorial cartoon Yahtzees are embarrassing when we navel gazers spot them, but when the general public can point them out, it doesn’t make the profession look that great.

» Comics Reporter Tom Spurgeon wrote an insightful write up on the current status of the American comic strip.

» John Hambrock has posted an early (1992) comic strip attempt on his blog. The feature was called Second Nature. He provides sample as well as examples of his marketing attempts.

» E&P reports that Glenda Winders, the CNS Vice President/Editor at Copley’s News Services who originally agreed to stay on at Creators after their purchase of CNS, has decided to leave and focus her time on writing.

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  1. I need to get in touch with Chris Cassatt or Gary Brookins for a re-use on a cartoon for a presentation my firm is developing.

    Please provide info or forward this to one of them?


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