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Kurt Westergaard will not go to Jordan

New reports regarding Kurt Westergaard, who faces trail in Jordan for drawing the infamous Mohammed cartoon, state that he is not planning to go to Jordan to stand trial. While the Jordanian government has subpoenaed Kurt, he has not received it. Fearing for his safety if he traveled to the Middle East, he has said he won’t go.

In an interview with Spiegel Online, he talked about his life since the cartoon was published in 2005.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Do you sometimes feel like a martyr for press freedom?

Westergaard: No, I feel like a cartoonist who has only done his job. All the police protection and the fact that my house has been transformed into a fortress means I feel rather safe. I have the best cooperation with the Danish Secret Service. It is possible to live a very good life, anyway. And I have one advantage: I am 73 years old. At this age, you are not so afraid anymore.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Had you known then what you know now — given all that has happened to you — would you have published that cartoon?

Westergaard: I have also been thinking a lot about that question. Yes, I am quite convinced that I would.

Community Comments

#1 Beth Cravens
@ 9:34 am

That is one gritty dude. I’m glad for his sake he’s not going. Thanks for linking that interview.

#2 Beth Cravens
@ 9:38 am

I’m glad for his sake that he is not going. I doubt that he would survive the trip.

#3 Howard Tayler
@ 12:10 am

I admire this man. I couldn’t have done the same, but aspire to be the sort of person who could.

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