Westergaard says he’s ready for trial

Kurt Westergaard, the man who drew the no infamous Mohammed carton that incited Muslims from around the world says he’s prepared to stand trial in Jordon.

In a story posted on ABC News Australia he says:

“I would like to go to Amman to stand trial. However, what I fear is that I am convicted in advance,” Mr Westergaard told the government-owned Jordan Times in Copenhagen.

But he added that he has not been officially notified of the summons and defended his cartoon, saying he sought to “highlight that there are some terrorists who misuse Islam and they take it as their spiritual ammunition.”

“I wanted to depict the terrorists as if they were taking the Prophet Mohammed as a hostage. I have no problem with Islam but with the terrorists,” he said.

3 thoughts on “Westergaard says he’s ready for trial

  1. From the story, “We welcome his reasonable approach, but in our opinion this person has committed a crime and should be punished,” Zakarya Sheikh, who heads the media group said.

    I’m still amazed that, in some people’s minds, the act of drawing a cartoon is considered a crime. Am I wrong or is this not the 21st century?

  2. Look for Sharia Law coming soon to a government near you. And just think, this is the “normal” Muslim community, not the extemist.

    Just a taste of things to come my friends if they are allowed to stormtroop all over the globe.

    I simply can’t believe this poor cartoonist is going to put himself through this. Believe me, he’ll lose either his hand, or his head.

  3. Gotta respect the bravery/ ignorance of Mr. Westergaard. Why he would leave Denmark and go to stand trial in Jordan is beyond me.
    What point is he hoping to make by putting his head on a chopping block?

    If he thinks he can shame his accusers into treating him fairly, he’s sadly mistaken. Like they said, he has commited a crime and needs to be punished.
    I just hope he doesn’t end up catching stones with his face.

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