Alley Oop celebrates 75 years

Today marks the 75 anniversary for Alley Oop. The feature was originally created by Vincent T. Hamlin’s who worked the strip until he retired in 1973. His assistant Dave Graue took over the strip until 1990 when it was passed to Jack Bender who now works on the strip with his wife Carole. It is reported that at its height, it was carried in 800 newspapers and still maintains a healthy 600 papers. E&P has an article outlining the various events happening around the country celebrating this anniversary including a drawing contest for kids, a documentary showing at the Iowa Historical Museum, costume contests and exhibits.

Other comic features today are including the milestone in their comic. You can go see Frank & Ernest’s tribute, The Born Loser, Moderately Confused and B.C.

3 thoughts on “Alley Oop celebrates 75 years

  1. “Dick Tracy” has a small call-out in the last panel of today’s strip.

    It’s almost as surreal as “Dick Tracy” itself has been the last few weeks. Having a small floating ape head in a bank being robbed by dogs (who won’t attack anybody with a whistle) while Shirl Locke (Holmes) arrives sans whistle seems pretty normal.

  2. Last Sunday’s Gasoline Alley devoted the entire strip to Alley Oop as well.

  3. I found a printing plate from the comic alley oop. Is there someone that may be able to tell me about the value of my find and if there may be someone that might be interested in it?

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