Stuart Carlson forced to take buyout

Dave Astor at E&P is reporting that Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial cartoonist Stuart Carlson has been “forced” to take a buyout.

In an email Stuart wrote to he says,

‘Fraid it’s true. Given the cutbacks planned at the JS I was told they could no longer “justify” having a full-time editorial cartoonist. Although I’m taking the buyout, I’m not going willingly. I’m being forced out.

Another sterling decision by the best and brightest in the paper’s management.

I’ll continue to be nationally syndicated in papers like the Wash Post.

UPDATE: Just received another email from another cartoonist alerting me to this news. He adds that Stuarts last day is August 15 – his 25th anniversary with the paper.

6 thoughts on “Stuart Carlson forced to take buyout

  1. This is just so sad. Stuart was the survivor when the Journal and Sentinel merged, with Gary Markstein being pushed into an illustrator/artist position; ironically, it looks like that may save his job. But, it looks like yet another major city will be left without anyone to do editorial cartoons and help keep the fire at area politicians’ feet. Sad, stupid and tragic.

  2. I may have spoken too soon. Daryl Cagle’s blog says Markstein was previously pushed out and now only draws for syndication.

  3. Yeah, a damn shame. Stuart is a super gracious individual. He’s too good to stop…but what market is there in Wisconsin?
    This leaves only Joe Heller doing state issues on a regular basis.
    The Journal Sentinel has been abysmal for years, especially so after the merger. Obviously, the incestuous media conglomeration adds to the decimation. If it does not move or make noise, the easily distracted in corporate management are without a clue.

    Best wishes for SC.
    Maybe Bill Sanders has an opening in his band?

  4. …meaning the only full time editorial cartoonist in Wisconsin is Joe Heller. So the entire state is stuck with bad nationally syndicated cartoons, and bad local issue cartoons. This is getting a little off topic but when I lived in Wisconsin I was always bothered by how Heller had managed to get himself placed in every smaller paper from Eau Claire to Beloit.

  5. Where in Wisconsin were you, Monte?
    I was near Lake Geneva. What a nightmare! Narrow minded bigots with too much inherited money. I only had marginal success with a mid-sized daily nearby, because the editorial page editor was a lesbian that could only get non-reactionary views in subversively. My cartoons were published under the aegis of “objectivity”….as if the opinions I illustrated were ‘outliers’.
    In fact, more often than not, my views were of the majority of the papers readership; just not the Babbity owners/publishers.

    Heller sewed up the state with his self syndication. Pretty smart for him. Made it tough for others, myself included.
    Oh well, I’m living in California…and that is NOT Green Bay!

  6. I have known Stuart for years and have loved his cartoons. He is the only cartoonist that I have followed religiously. His poignant and intelligent material apparently was just too much for the Urinal/Stupidal to handle. His fine character and love for the common person seem to be at odds with the managementâ??s right wing elitism. The paperâ??s true concern for preserving this image was evident when an editorial was written by a Urinal staff member praising President-elect Obamaâ??s victory and a the management felt it needed to establish the fact that the views of the editorial staff are not necessarily that of paper. Was that meant to teach us dumb readers a lesson in journalism? The narrow-minded hierarchy at the paper has succeeded in moving yet further into the depths of uselessness except for covering the floor for puppy training and lighting campfires. I, like so many, get my news from the internet from sources that are in step with the times and have the understanding it takes to maintain an open-minded and clear eye for the news. The internet also allows me to keep up with my favorite editorial cartoonist. Keep drawing, Stuart. We love it!

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