Wash. Post gets special Candorville change

Last Friday’s Candorville contained language that the Washington Post objected to (the word “nuts” in the context of male anatomy). Instead of pulling Darrin Bell’s feature as they have in the past, Washington Post Writers Group (WPWG) Comics Editor Amy Lago says they were supplied an alternate version.

Amy was quoted by E&P as saying,

“In Gene’s chat yesterday, he made it sound like the Post had changed the July 25 ‘Candorville’ strip. In fact, they asked for a sub. We offered them an alternate version, approved by Darrin, which they okayed.

“So they did ‘edit’ the strip in that they chose not to run the original version. But they did not create the alternate version.”

The “Gene” that she refers to is Gene Weingarten, a humor columnist with the Washington Post that also blogs about the paper’s coverage and handling of certain issues.

3 thoughts on “Wash. Post gets special Candorville change

  1. I ask, once again, exactly what did Gene Weingarten see as being the worst case scenario of running that cartoon as is?
    All of the other Candorville client newspapers ran it, and somehow they’re all still in business.

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