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News Briefs for July 29, 2008

» Dan Reynold’s Reynolds Unwrapped is now back on after a year or so hiatus.

» You’ll Have That creator Wes Molebash has moved his strip to a new web site

» Brooke McEldowney, creator of 9 Chickweed Lane and webcomic Pibgorn is updating the latter strip five times a week now. The Pibgorn sketches that were used as filler between the strips installments was bumped with the increase in strips produced, but by fan demand, they have been given a new home on

Community Comments

#1 Ben Gordon
@ 5:23 pm

Every day I look for new webcomic news… Find none.

I assume there are reasons, but I want you to know some of us are looking forward to the return of regular updates.

I don’t mean to hound you; just letting you know of my interest.

Ben Gordon

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