Don Wright accepts Palm Beach Post buyout

Over 300 Palm Beach Post employees have applied and were granted buyouts in an announcement posted on a blog posting on the Broward Palm Beach web site. Among the list of employees is long time editorial cartoonist Don Wright who has been at the paper since 1988. In addition to the 300 who applied for the buyouts, the paper expects to lay-off more. So far over 50 of the buyouts come from the newsroom.

3 thoughts on “Don Wright accepts Palm Beach Post buyout

  1. Over 300 buyouts granted AND the paper still expects to lay off others?!


  2. Don is a great cartoonist.
    When I was starting out, I studied his work for a long while.

    I hope he finds work elsewhere.

    I can’t imagine seeing that many of your colleagues disappear from the newsroom. It can be heartbreaking and infuriating at the same time.

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