Second Stay Tooned! coming in about a month

Staytooned vol 2

Just received word that the second Stay Tooned! magazine is coming together and should be out in about a month. This issue will feature Mike Peters, Chad Carpenter, Tom Bancroft, Ben Towle, Bill Day, Mason Mastroianni and Joe Staton who will also illustrate the cover (see illustration which will be colored by Matt Webb.).

9 thoughts on “Second Stay Tooned! coming in about a month

  1. Ditto, Bob! I think John did an awesome job with the first issue … If anyone is not a subscriber, you don’t know what you’re missing!

  2. Thanks, Bob & Mike! And, Alan, how’s this for a special Daily Cartoonist offer:
    I will send a free copy of this second issue to the first ten non-subscribers who can identify the nineteen characters Joe has drawn surrounding himself, AND I’ll add an extra issue to the subscriptions of the first five subscribers who can name all the characters!

  3. John,

    Your magazine is such a great treat to read. Anyone who doesn’t have a subscription, I strongly urge you to go for it! It’s really Class A material.

  4. Sigh…I remember when I encouraged John to pursue his dream of publishing ST. Now he’s the Hot New Girl, and Hogan’s Alley is old news. I’LL HAVE MY REVENGE, READ! Just kidding…can’t wait for the next issue…and the next!

  5. Tom,
    Hogan’s Alley isn’t “old news” to me! I am very eagerly awaiting your next wonderful issue. As a matter of fact, I have been waiting, like so many others, for…a…year…now.
    Love ya,
    John R.

  6. How annoying to see this posting. I ordered issue #1 in March and never received a thing, including a single response to my polite e-mails of inquiry. Let the buyer beware.

  7. Robert,
    As soon as I read your comment, I checked my records to see when your payment was posted (March 13th), and on what day I mailed the magazine to you (March 14th). I also searched all my e-mail since March 13, but I found none from you, polite or otherwise. In the five or six instances (out of over 900 mailings) where others did not receive their copies, I responded to their e-mail inquiries immediately, and sent them a replacement copy. As I personally packaged and mailed out every single copy, and personally answered every single e-mail sent to me regarding Stay Tooned! Magazine, I take your comment personally. You will receive your $10 (which I will put in the mail tomorrow morning) as soon as a first class stamp will get it to you, unless I can figure out how to process a refund via PayPal.

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