Comic page changes (Updated)

» The Honolulu Star-bulletin has picked up The Knight Life and The Other Coast. The features replace retiring, Single and Looking and Spot the Frog.

» The Birmingham news also picked up The Knight Life.

» The Albuquerque Journal’s Comic Shootout (see previous month’s “shootout”) between Get Fuzzy and Hi and Louis resulted in almost 7,864 votes cast. Get Fuzzy won with 4,209 votes. Next shootout: Agnes vs. Frazz.

» The Anderson Valley Post replaced Spot the Frog with Over the Hedge.

» Deflocked is the new guest comic at the San Antonio Express-News.

» The San Antonio Express-News has shrunk their Sunday comics from 6 pages to 8. Frank & Ernest and The Piranha Club were dropped, others were shrunk in size.

» As noted, Spot the Frog was retired as of Saturday, July 5.

» The Concord Monitor has brought their Sunday comics printing in house and now have more control over which comics they can run. Now in their Sunday comics: Flying McCoys, Rhymes With Orange, Stone Soup and Undertown (manga feature). Changes in their daily line up include: Non Sequitur, Pearls Before Swine and Rose is Rose. Dropped comics include: Andy Capp, BC, Hagar the Horrible, Prince Valiant, the Lockhorns and the Wizard of Id.

» The San Francisco Chronicle is asking readers for their opinions on eight features: Castronomy, Cul de Sac, It’s All About You, Red and Rover, Secret Asian Man, The Argyle Sweater, The Knight Life and Watch Your Head.

» Update: Also received news that B.C. has been picked up by the Atlanta Journal and Constitution’s Sunday offerings.