F Minus creator Tony Carrillo to teach class for kids

In the months of July and August, F Minus creator Tony Carrillo will teach classes at Changing Hands, a Tempe, Ariz. bookstore, for teens and tweens. Classes are focused on everything from basic cartoons to visual storytelling. Info at www.changinghands.com.

5 thoughts on “F Minus creator Tony Carrillo to teach class for kids

  1. My main goal is to stress creativity and experimentation in cartooning, and avoid the “here’s how to draw a horse” method of most books I read as a kid.
    I also prefer the kids draw things from their own lives. They usually don’t need much encouragement to get going.
    I don’t believe there is a wrong way to draw cartoons. Unless it involves using human blood for ink. I discourage that.

  2. How to draw a comic strip? Well, first learning how to draw well does help. It gives you a far greater ability to communicate your ideas.
    Then consuming a lot of books, movies, TVs and doing a lot of activities helps out a whole.
    Mix the previous in with your own personal values and views and lots of work and eventually you get a comic strip.

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