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F Minus creator Tony Carrillo to teach class for kids

In the months of July and August, F Minus creator Tony Carrillo will teach classes at Changing Hands, a Tempe, Ariz. bookstore, for teens and tweens. Classes are focused on everything from basic cartoons to visual storytelling. Info at

Community Comments

#1 Jason Nocera
@ 8:41 am

Uh-oh – no one tell Ted.

#2 Tony Carrillo
@ 11:20 pm

My main goal is to stress creativity and experimentation in cartooning, and avoid the “here’s how to draw a horse” method of most books I read as a kid.
I also prefer the kids draw things from their own lives. They usually don’t need much encouragement to get going.
I don’t believe there is a wrong way to draw cartoons. Unless it involves using human blood for ink. I discourage that.

#3 Mark Tatulli
@ 11:58 pm

Ink is so impersonal though, don’t you think?

#4 Jason Nocera
@ 9:37 am

Are you dissing KISS and their comic?

#5 Monty Rohde
@ 6:03 pm

How to draw a comic strip? Well, first learning how to draw well does help. It gives you a far greater ability to communicate your ideas.
Then consuming a lot of books, movies, TVs and doing a lot of activities helps out a whole.
Mix the previous in with your own personal values and views and lots of work and eventually you get a comic strip.

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