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Out sick. Updates to be sporadic

Sorry all, I’ve been under the weather this last weekend and still trying to get back up to 100%. I’ll endeavor to post more as I can. Also as a heads up, I’ll be heading out on vacation next week and filling in will be long time trusted friend and fine cartoonist Aaron Taylor.

Community Comments

#1 Lee Mayer
@ 1:25 pm

Oh no. Whenever Alan’s gone… things get ugly.

#2 Aaron Taylor
@ 2:12 pm

Are..are you calling me UGLY?!

#3 Stacy Curtis
@ 2:43 pm

Try some Chicken Noodle Soup, Alan.

How you can trust Aaron Taylor? I hear he’s ugly.

#4 Aaron Taylor
@ 3:23 pm

Okay, okay — I’ll post all next week with a paper bag on my head.

#5 Rob Tornoe
@ 4:13 pm

Hope you fell better Alan. And what’s up Aaron? How’s the post-newspaper career coming?

#6 Larry Levine
@ 4:54 pm

Alan, Drink decaf green tea–hope feel better!!!

#7 Aaron Taylor
@ 7:44 am

Alan — Chicken Noodle Grean Tea Soup it is. I’ll bring it over later today.

Rob… I miss the cartooning newspaper job every once in awhile, so I’m excited when I get the chance to fill in for Alan.

#8 Mike Cope
@ 8:23 am

Get well soon, Alan … The doc prescribes a good dose of funnies to help ya feel better!

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