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Lisa’s Story continues winning awards

Funky Winkerbean creator Tom Batiuk’s book, “Lisa’s Story,” has been honored with several awards. The book, which is a compilation of cartoons involving the story-line of Lisa’s cancer, was awarded a silver medal from the Nautilus Book Awards in the Aging/Death & Dying category; it was a finalist in the Popular Culture category of ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Awards; and the third award is a bronze medal in the Most Life Changing category of the Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY’s).

Community Comments

#1 J.G Moore
@ 6:36 am

Awesome work.

#2 Malc McGookin
@ 6:46 am

Agree, this was an extremely effective narrative, the imagery in the final scenes really hit home, and showed what comics could be. Excellent.

#3 Rich Diesslin
@ 2:20 pm

Many feel it was relevant and significant, so more power to them and Batiuk. What died for me in this narrative is my interest in the strip. I can’t and don’t follow the strip anymore once it ceased to be funny and intelligible (to me). Not that it matters … it’s just my opinion. I still defend Batiuk’s right to take the strip where ever he wants too.

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