Lisa’s Story continues winning awards

Funky Winkerbean creator Tom Batiuk’s book, “Lisa’s Story,” has been honored with several awards. The book, which is a compilation of cartoons involving the story-line of Lisa’s cancer, was awarded a silver medal from the Nautilus Book Awards in the Aging/Death & Dying category; it was a finalist in the Popular Culture category of ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Awards; and the third award is a bronze medal in the Most Life Changing category of the Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY’s).

3 thoughts on “Lisa’s Story continues winning awards

  1. Agree, this was an extremely effective narrative, the imagery in the final scenes really hit home, and showed what comics could be. Excellent.

  2. Many feel it was relevant and significant, so more power to them and Batiuk. What died for me in this narrative is my interest in the strip. I can’t and don’t follow the strip anymore once it ceased to be funny and intelligible (to me). Not that it matters … it’s just my opinion. I still defend Batiuk’s right to take the strip where ever he wants too.

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