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Basketcase webcomic picked up by Alma Mater

Kelly Ferguson’s webocomic panel Basketcase has been picked up by his Alma Mater’s paper, the Mustang Daily. Perhaps more impressive is Kelly’s tenacity produce his strip after a construction accident left him a wheelchair with limited use of his hands.

“I used to work construction to help pay for tuition and books, and during the summer in between freshman and sophomore year while on the job, a board was wind-blown and struck me in the C5 vertebrae and here I am. I had to relearn everything from eating to drawing,” Ferguson said.

The accident left him with limited use of his arms. Ferguson can control his wrist for the most part, and uses his shoulder muscles to move his arm and hand.

“It’s like using a Ouija board to draw with,” Ferguson laughs.

Community Comments

#1 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 10:01 am

Hey, congrats on landing that paper, Kelly!

#2 J.G Moore
@ 5:55 pm

Hell, he draws better I do! Damn!! :-)
I hope he gets syndicated. Better yet, I hope his site get lots of hits, I’ll be checking it out. His work is tight. He has a really cool site. I really like this one:

I love the look on Aquaman face, classic.

Kelly’s work is like Family Guy meets Truck Bearing Kibble. Good Stuff.

#3 Kelly Ferguson
@ 6:26 pm

Thanks, Lucas! Hopefully, this is the first of many.

Thanks, J.G. I’ve definitely been working on improving my human characters over the past few years & Family Guy has been one of my influences, art-wise. Most of the credit, as far as the site goes belongs to Tyler Martin’s ComicPress theme for WordPress.

#4 Ben Gordon
@ 7:12 pm

I was hit and dragged by a car last year and am still recovering. Kelly’s story is an inspiration.

Ben Gordon
I hope you don’t mind if I link to the comics I do with my wife.

#5 Ajlouny
@ 10:51 pm

Your story is very inspirational. Glad your doing so well.

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