Mike Shelton launches politicalbastards.com

Former The Orange County Register editorial cartoonist Mike Shelton, along with another former O.C. Register employee have launched a new web site for their animated editorial cartoons called politicalbastards.com (or the more mildly titled politicalbleep.com).

“Animation is where the future of editorial cartooning is heading,” Shelton told E&P.

The duo hopes the new site — designed by Leger — will eventually become self-supporting via ad revenue after traffic for PoliticalBastards.com grows. “We think there’s an audience for it,” she said.

Currently, the site includes faux ads. Visitors will, after a minute or so, see caricatures of Joseph Biden and Fred Thompson emerge out of the lower left corner of the home page and run across the screen into the faux beer ad in the upper right corner.

5 thoughts on “Mike Shelton launches politicalbastards.com

  1. I get many great ideas for political cartoons, but……..
    not very good at drawing. Can I send ideas and crude sketch to
    someone to create (and take credit) for finished product.
    No, I’m too old to start art lessons. Thanks Dan

  2. Hello Mike! Hello Cookie! I love the name of your site! Would love to hear from one of you. Many years and catch up news to share.. We live by Lake Oroville now. It’s dry and hot. California high desert. My goodness, isn’t this country in a mess? I have had a good laugh over the NSA domestic spying roar. Want to hear something funnier? My nephew works for them now. He has two Ph.d’s in Quantum Physics. He loves it cause he does nothing but equations all day long. I don’t think he knows why he does it though. That’s the scary part to me. Love your cartoons still Mike! So much fodder to feed on, huh?
    Hope this finds you both well and safe. We are. We have added 6 grandkids (5 of them female) and our first great grandkid (another girl..dang!) is due this fall. Think of you both with love and respect. Always, Elaine

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