Creators buys Copley to open more markets

Editor and Publisher’s Dave Astor has additional details to yesterday’s news that Creators Syndicate is purchasing Copley News Service. According to the report, Creators has had interest in Copley for many years and that Copley has decided to focus their energies elsewhere – opening up the possibility of selling the syndicate.

When asked why CNS was sold, Copley Press Executive Vice President Harold W. Fuson replied: “We made a decision a few years ago to focus on our flagship — The San Diego Union-Tribune. Copley News Service played a much different role in our company when we had a group of newspapers spread across several states.”

The troubled economy was also a factor — albeit a lesser one, said Fuson. “In an economy like this, you have to be more careful about how you use your resources,” he told E&P. “You have to focus even more sharply on your core business.”

Creators President Richard S. Newcombe said, “Copley sells to many smaller newspapers. That would open new markets for us.”

One thought on “Creators buys Copley to open more markets

  1. Some interesting quotes from cartoonists from both syndicates in that E&P article.

    I notice that three of the Creators editorial cartoonists used to be with Copley (Chuck Asay, Bob Gorrell, and Steve Kelley). And Gary Markstein will soon have both of his cartoon works distributed by one company.

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