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Sunday’s Non Sequitur has Reuben prediction

Wiley Miller is taking a bold risk. This Sunday’s Non Sequitur will congratulate the winner of the Reuben Award that won’t even be announced until this Saturday night. He tells Dave Astor that he’s “crawled out on that limb.”

The finalist’s this year are: Dave Coverly (Speed Bump), Dan Piraro (Bizarro), and Mad magazine cartoonist Al Jaffee.

Community Comments

#1 josh shalek
@ 11:20 am

“Dewey Defeats Truman: The Comic Strip”

@ 11:59 am

I’ll make a wild guess and say Al Jaffee.

As respected as the Ruby is, it is often a “lifetime acheivement” award.

#3 Bill Jones
@ 12:58 pm

congratulations to all jaffee for being featured in the upcoming sunday non sequitur.

#4 Rick Stromoski
@ 1:26 pm

â?¥â?¥As respected as the Ruby is, it is often a â??lifetime acheivementâ? award.

It’s not supposed to be. We have the Caniff for that. The Reuben goes to the cartoonist who in the opinion of the NCS membership, has done the most exceptional work in the past year. In the past as awards chairman I tried to stress this to the chapters who were voting on division awards as well. You just hope some of it sinks in.

#5 Bill Jones
@ 1:32 pm

>congratulations to all jaffee

doh, not all jaffees. just the one.

#6 Chris Hardiman
@ 7:05 pm

Kranky (Joe Rank) makes a good point. Why, just last year Bill Amend won the Reuben after ending the two-decade daily run of “FoxTrot”. I’m not saying that Amend wasn’t deserving of the award at some point during his career, I’m just saying that it was not coincidence that it came after his big semi-retirement announcement.

Still, I’m going to break from you guys and predict that Dave Coverly will be the one taking home the Reuben this weekend. He and Piraro both lost to Amend last year, and I personally think that he is one of the best single-panel cartoonists currently in papers. Piraro is as well, but my gut says to go with Coverly, and that’s what I’m doing.

â??Dewey Defeats Truman: The Comic Stripâ?
Josh, that is simply one of the greatest comments I have read here.

#7 Jason Nocera
@ 7:35 pm

..and lets not forget Pat Brady getting the nod when it was his final year of being involved with his strip.

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