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Happy Cartoonists Day

Cul De Sac creator Richard Thompson has a special National Cartoonists Day cartoon over on his blog. TK here.

Also check out his Free comic book day cartoons 1 and 2 as well as his May 4th (May the fourth be with you) Day cartoon.

Community Comments

#1 J Read
@ 9:33 am

Well, despite the fact that National Cartoonist Day now seems to go largely uncelebrated, thereâ??re some of us who want to keep it alive. How about this special offer for your readers, Alan? I’ll send a FREE copy of the first issue of Stay Tooned! Magazine to the first 25 of your readers (willing to pay for the $3 postage) who respond to this: Just e-mail me (, with â??Daily Cartoonist offerâ? in the subject line, and Iâ??ll share my â??paean to professional cartoonistsâ? with you!

#2 Mike Cope
@ 11:56 am

I remember opening up the funnies one morning and seeing the little “May 5th” circle pasted on numerous strips … many of which I looked up to and admired.

As an impressionable, young, aspiring cartoonist, I thought that this was a neat little public celebration … After all, the Reuben weekends have always been closed to the public.

Some cartoonists have rightfully suggested that the public might see “Cartoonists Day” as a “National Hey, Appreciate Me Day” … But maybe this wouldn’t be the case if it was publically promoted and supported more as a “Cartoon Heritage Day” where cartoonists recognize their heroes that came before them.

Just a thought.

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