Paul Fell donates cartoons to UNL archives

Editorial cartoonist Paul Fell has donated some of his editorial cartoons and illustrations to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The “Paul Fell Cartoon Collection” is the start of an expanded special collection of graphic novels, cartoons, comics and papers created by UNL- or Nebraska-related artists.

Paul’s editorial cartoons appeared daily in the Lincoln Journal from 1984 to 1992. From 1995 to 2007, he was contracted to draw three editorial cartoons a week on state and local issues for the Lincoln Journal Star. In 2005, Artizans Syndicate began distributing Paul’s cartoons to newspapers throughout North America, and worldwide, through

The collection contains many of the editorial cartoons that appeared in Lincoln newspapers as well as the Omaha Sun and Hastings Tribune. The collection also contains a number of illustrations Paul provided to local, state and national organizations, businesses, Huskers Illustrated, sketch books and papers, and comic strips Mulch and Cleo.

On May 8, Paul be a featured speaker at a reception for his donation where he will talk about the collection.

2 thoughts on “Paul Fell donates cartoons to UNL archives

  1. Thanks, Dawn.

    When you have 30 years of cartoons and other related artwork sitting around your house in boxes, you start wondering what the hell to do with all of it. When the University of Nebraska approached me about adding it to the cartoon collection that they had started, it seemed the perfect solution. I had thought about giving the collection to the Ohio State Cartoon Research Library, but since 90% of it deals with Nebraska issues, it seemed more appropriate to keep it here in the state.

    I am hoping that this will give other cartoonists with Nebraska roots the incentive to share some of their work with the UNL Love Library collection as well.

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