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The Daily Cartoonist version 3.0 is now in beta!

The Daily Cartoonist will be going through some major changes over the next year and I’d like to invite you to check out the first change: a significant redesign and function of the blog. From my initial efforts in 2005, I’ve tried to maintain a professional level of reporting and I haven’t felt that the current look reflects its standing as a trusted news source.

For those curious to some of the changes, you may visit the beta site. If all goes as planned, I’ll be rolling out the new site on May 1st with an explanation of some of the news features.

Thanks for your patience last week as my attention to reporting was a bit spotty. Things will be getting back to normal now.


Community Comments

#1 Larry Levine
@ 6:23 am

Looks good to me–especially like your adding a webcomics section!

#2 Norm Feuti
@ 6:31 am

The beta site is VERY nice, Alan.

I use Safari and run on OSX 10.4.11 (Tiger) and everything I clicked on seemed to work fine.

#3 Lee Mayer
@ 7:08 am

Superb! Love it.

#4 Dawn Douglass
@ 8:36 am

It looks terrific, Alan. The organization and design are both great.

One thing I just noticed that I’m not crazy about… I would rather see the entire post on the page, instead of having to click to get to the rest of the article.

I also agree with Anne that “most recent comments” is a must.

#5 Alan Gardner
@ 8:44 am

Yes, the recent comments will be back. It’s on the todo list.

#6 John Lotshaw
@ 11:48 am

Very nice job, Alan. Nice and clean, easy to look at… everything a site should be. By the way, we’ve started taking your RSS feed at the NCS Southeast Chapter website ( Keep up the good work!

#7 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 12:29 pm

It looks great, Alan.

#8 josh shalek
@ 10:10 am

Congratulations on the beta. This site just keeps getting better.

#9 David Reddick
@ 10:27 am

Love the new design, Alan. And excited about the new webcomics section too! Nice work. ;-)

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