News Briefs for April 21, 2008

» Dave Astor talks to previous Pulitzer Prize winners about how the award has changed their life.

» Universal is selling limited edition Lio and Pooch Cafe acetate cell prints. There are two Lio prints available. They’re 8×8″ and cost between $25 to $34. There is a 8×12″ Pooch Cafe print for $34. As Paul Gilligan writes on his blog, “Being printed on acetate enhances the colors dramatically over regular paper prints and gives it much greater depth and vibrancy.”

» Speedbump, Argyle Sweater and Daddy’s Home are the featured guest comics in The News & Observer. They’ll be in test mode until May 17th.

» If you missed the WP online chat with Daddy’s Home co-creator Tony Rubino, you can read the transcript online.

2 thoughts on “News Briefs for April 21, 2008

  1. Being printed on acetate (ie cellulose diacetate) means that your underlying media is unstable and will eventually decompose within your lifetime into shrunken acetic acid-riddled deformed plastic.

  2. Mike, I think that’s more true if these were traditionally hand painted cels. They are much more likely serigraphs, which means the ink is basically screen printed on the back of the acetate. But to be honest, I’m not sure what the archival life of serigraph cels are as compared to the old hand painted animation cels. I have a couple of cels from cereal commercials (a great way to start collecting inexpensive animation cels if one is interested) and I also have some reproduced serigraph cels from Disney and WB. Mike raises an interesting question, does anyone have a definative answer as to what the life spans of these are, assuming they are kept in good condition?

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